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Husband and wife wedding photographers
we fell in love and then found photography

robyn and finch

Hello! We’re Robyn & Jacob

We originally met at a small Midwestern college during our second semester. After repeatedly finding each other in the same circles we both gathered the courage to go on a few dates. When summer arrived we moved to Michigan, bought a home, and got married. It wasn’t long into married life that we picked up a camera and fell in love with how we could use it to document everything. As our family grew so did our drive to capture moments that told a story.

For over 9+ years we have photographed weddings together

and it is something that we grow to love more each year. We love capturing moments of joy that you share with your family and friends. Through weddings, we’ve gotten to know each other better as partners and in our creative process. We’ve learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses allowing us to think creatively to capture photos that create a full story.

The moment i picked up a camera, I fell in love with documenting the moments in my life in a beautiful way. Being able to capture these small moments of happiness for others brings me so much joy. My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is telling the story in a real way, but from the most beautiful perspective i can find.


I originally picked up a camera to capture a trip Robyn and I took overseas. While there I became attached to my camera. My favorite part of weddings to capture is the walk down the aisle after the ceremony or the chaos of the dancefloor. I prefer to use wider lenses throughout the day bringing me close to whatever is happening.


Together we seamlessly craft a story

From the images created on your wedding day to our day-to-day lives. We love taking the time to get to know things deeply. While at home we enjoy creating images in our studio, playing video games, watching films, or at Round1 playing crane games and trying to collect cute things. We’re both lovers of single-origin coffee, bourbon, gin, and we love a good glass of wine. We love cooking and always have fresh baked sourdough bread on the counter.

How We See

Images from both of our perspectives with a few candids mixed in

Our creative process is what makes our approach different

We tell your story through our own unique perspectives. Seeing moments differently yet interpreting scenes cohesively

We constantly find ourselves comparing the same moment we each captured in our own way. From the kiss at the end of your ceremony to tears of joy by those closest to you. Our approach allows us to capture the day in a candid way while also capturing the photos that matter. We see light and shadow uniquely and the photos we take together blend seamlessly to tell your story.

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