Robyn and Finch

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The quiet dreamer and the realist. We found ourselves behind the camera at different times bu,t for the same purpose, to capture the essence of our relationship. Refining that process has led to what we create today at weddings.

Making memories for you that bring you back to the moment it happened.

Hello! We're Robyn & Jacob

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We can tell your story in a unique way by capturing your connection.

With movement and light as the defining aspect of photos, we thrive in creating photos that breathe. Photos that speak to the essence of your relationships because those are the moment that matter. The same cherished moments we capture for our family as well as yours. We draw inspiration from various artists across diverse mediums, where we are constantly learning. From how to frame emotion or build context, with each frame, we desire to add to the narrative by telling your story as photographic poetry.


We appreciated how they took the the time to really get to know us and understand our story. They did an incredible job at capturing the joy, laughter, and emotion of our day and we came away with truly beautiful photos to remember it by. It is clear Jacob and Robyn have studied and perfected their craft, highlighting lines and light to create some breathtaking shots. They are also highly skilled at capturing moments without being intrusive.

Our families have been gushing about how great these are and how perfectly they captured the love and happiness of the night. I love that every time I go through I discover something knew- a great candid, or hilarious photo bomb, something that just fills me with joy seeing how much fun everyone had!! You guys are an amazing team and we are so glad we found you and hired you- I don't think anyone would have captured our day and who we are so perfectly!
Thank you for everything and for being so damn amazing at what you two do!!!!

Jacob and Robyn are the nicest couple and helped us feel at ease throughout our entire wedding day while capturing all of the special moments. They are very creative and talented in their work; we were blown away by the final products.

— Hannah and Cam

— Julia and Henry

— Carla and Liz

Taylor — Michigan

Detroit — michigan

Ann Arbor — Michigan

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