Sunset Engagement on the Blue Heron Lagoon

Not only are weddings on Belle Isle a dream so are engagements. Whenever couples reach out to us and seek the lushest dreamscape style images we always lean towards coming to Belle Isle. As we have said before it is unlike anywhere else in Detroit and provides a unique experience for all of our couples. Usually, we recommend getting a quick drink before each session to help loosen up the mood so we first stopped by the West Village cocktail lounge Two Birds. From there it’s a short drive across the MacArthur Bridge to our final destination on the island’s north side The Blue Heron Lagoon. As we got closer to the water’s edge you are overtaken by the serene landscape. It’s in sessions like these we are constantly reminded of how amazing it is to have such a natural landscape to get married in like Belle Isle.

Location: Belle Isle
Drinks: Two Birds Detroit