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With a natural beauty Belle Isle becomes the ideal place to have your wedding. So it's no surprise we find ourselves here time and time again for engagements, weddings, and enjoyment. On any given day you can find us exploring new corners of Belle Isle for new and unique locations for all our sessions. What we truly love is that each year we get to come back to these unique Detroit wedding venues and capture love.

It's more than a place to get married it's where your story begins

Where to get married on Belle Isle?

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

It's absolutely amazing that you can get married at the Belle Isle Conservatory! While most days it is open to the public you can reserve it for your wedding ceremony Wednesday through Sunday. If you plan to have a smaller wedding of 35 or less the main showroom is perfect. If you're having around 150 guests the formal garden is the ideal location with the conservatory as the backdrop.


Belle Isle Casino

The Belle Isle Casino is not a working casino. It is quite the opposite, being used more as an event space for weddings, meetings, or parties. If you opt to have your wedding at the Casino, you can have up to 200 guests for a rental fee of $2000. Renting The Casino gives you access to an upper and lower level as well as an entry way that doubles as a ceremony location or cocktail hour.


The Flynn Pavilion

The Flynn Pavilion is a originated as an area in which guests to Belle Isle could rent ice skates or seek refreshments on warmer days. After being demolished in 1950 it was rebuilt as recreational facility and rental hall. The Flynn Pavilion can be rented for your wedding for $750 and can hold up to 100 guests. Making it perfect for smaller weddings, showers, or events.



Do you need a permit to photograph on Belle Isle?

How much does it cost to get married on Belle Isle?

General Questions

There is a small fee starting at $50 for engagement shoots and $75 for weddings. So whether you choose to get married on Belle Isle or not the option of traveling to your favorite spot for photos on your wedding day is an amazing option. Just be sure to submit any permits as soon as you start planning as it could take 14 days to be approved.

If you are looking to get married on Belle Isle you can rent one of the many ceremony spaces from the Scott Fountain to the Conservatory starting at $150. Reception locations are also available for 8 hour rental periods starting at $550 for the Flynn Pavilion or $2000 for the Casino. Other fees may include permits, venues, and additional hours if needed.

Can I have alcohol at my wedding on Belle Isle?

Where can I get married on Belle Isle?

There is no better way to celebrate than to eat and drink together with family and friends. While most state parks managed by the DNR have strict restrictions you can apply for an alcohol permit for $100 on top of your venue rental fee in order to have alcohol at your even .

Belle Isle has several locations in which you can have your ceremony or reception. When hunting for your perfect venue you'll have to check out the several venues on Belle Isle from the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Belle Isle Casino, James Scott Memorial Fountain, or the Flynn Pavilion.

Getting married on Belle Isles Conservatory Lawn provides the most beautiful backdrop for your big day.

We had the most beautiful sunset over The Blue Heron Lagoon for this Belle Isle engagement session.

Summer wedding on Belle Isle features the iconic Scott Fountain followed by a ceremony and reception inside the Casino.

How to reserve Belle Isle for your wedding




Pay the requested deposit

Fill out and submit a rental agreement

Contact the Department of Natural Resources

Deposits can be made in the form of cash, credit, certified checks, or money orders at the Belle Isle Park Administration office located at 99 Pleasure Dr., Detroit, MI 48207

Phone: (313)-821-9844

Fax: (313) 821-9848