Destination Wedding | Robyn and Finch

If you know us you know we spend a great deal of time each year in Guatemala. While we wish we could call ourselves Guatemala wedding photographers we have barely touched the surface of all Guatemala holds. So we’ll accept our ill suited fate of escaping winter for a few weeks at a time and enjoy some place beautiful. So, over the years we have been just enjoying the tranquility of Guatemalan life the past few years but this year that changed. Usually we head south to escape the cold and relax, see some sights, and enjoy Guatemala. This year the six weeks we spent there felt like two. While there we picked up a couple of other shoots which we’ll blog later but for now we are in love with Jorge and Masiel’s Guatemala Wedding and we feel like blogging it sooner rather than later.

This wedding took place, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala called Panajachel butted up right on Lake Atitlan. On any given day you’ll be able to see the calmness of the lake paired with the vibrancy of the mountains and volcanoes that wrap its border. It’s not a small lake in any way taking anywhere from 30-45 minutes to cross, but as you cross you find that each town holds a plethora of differences. Each town could easily be explored for a day. So the day before Robyn and I headed out to explore Panajachel. Leaving right around sunset, two cameras in hand we grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed into town. The vibrancy and life of this lake town always impress us. Every year we find more pockets of life. From this wedding to small connections through friends.